Caritas St Joseph’s Lifelong Learning Centre

With around 200 students of all faiths and none at our centre in Hendon, we celebrate the gifts and talents of people with intellectual disabilities and value their place in the world. We strive to create an environment where students can find friendship, family and love.

Students at St Joseph’s can choose from a range of life-enhancing courses, including yoga, arts and crafts, cookery, and music and movement.

Classes are also held at two hubs known as Connect@ centres, these are in Hounslow and Feltham

To find out more please phone 020 8202 3999 or email

Autumn Term 2022

First Half: Monday 5th September – Friday 21st October 
Half Term: Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October
Second Half: Monday 31st October – Friday 16th December

Spring Term 2023

First Half: Monday 9th January – Friday 10th February
Half Term: Monday 13th February – Friday 17th February
Second Half: Monday 20th February – Friday 31st April

Summer Term 2023

First Half: Monday 17th April – Friday 26th May
May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 1st May
Half Term: Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June
Second Half: Monday 5th June – Friday 21st July

Click here to see the full list of courses or select a course to find out more.


Internet Cafe Plus9.30 – 12.30£8 (per hour)
St Joseph’s Dance Studio10.30 – 12.30£20
Musical Showtime10.30 – 12.30£20
Our Ceramics10.30 – 12.30£20
Yoga10.45 – 12.14£20
Our Ceramics Plus14.00 – 16.00£20
My Screen Heroes14.00 – 16.00£15
Dance Steps14.00 – 16.00£20
Bocce14.00 – 16.00£13


Experience Cooking10.30 – 12.30£20 (per hour)
My Foundations10.30 – 12.30£46
Creative Paper Recycling10.30 – 12.30£20
Voice Box10.30 – 12.30£20
Exploring Our World10.30 – 16.00£33
Tai Chi – Chi Fung13.45 – 15.15£13
Arts and Crafts14.00 – 16.00£20
Stage Right14.00 – 16.00£20


Internet Cafe Plus9.30 – 12.30£8 (per hour)
Our Horticulture10.30 – 12.30£20
Exploring My Artwork10.30 – 12.30£20
St Joseph’s Drum Studio10.30 – 12.30£20
My Fitness Routine10.30 – 12.30£20
Living and Giving10.30 – 12.30£20
Exploring Words and Numbers14.00 – 16.00£20
Music and Movement14.00 – 16.00£20
My Pottery14.00 – 16.00£20
Soap Studio14.00 – 16.00£20
Book Club16.15 – 17.00FREE


Music and Recording10.30 – 12.30£20 (per hour)
Health and Fitness10.30 – 12.30£20
Stage in the Making10.30 – 12.30£20
My Creative Accessories10.30 – 12.30£20
Music and Recording14.00 – 16.00£20
St Joseph’s Floral Enterprise14.00 – 16.00£20
Exploring Cookery14.00 – 16.00£20
Useful Numbers14.00 – 16.00£20


Enriching My Life10.30 – 12.30£20 (per hour)
St Joseph’s Lunchbox10.30 – 12.30£20
Exploring Communication10.30 – 14.30£35
Rhythm Factory10.30 – 12.30£20
St Joseph’s Drum Studio14.00 – 16.00£20
Our Enterprise Workshop14.00 – 16.00£20


Carpentry10.30 – 14.30£33 (per hour)

All Week

The menu changes every week and runs from Monday to Thursday.

There is always a Vegetarian option available.

On Fridays, St Joseph’s Lunchbox make sandwiches which are available to buy.


Our hub at the parish of St Lawrence in Feltham offers a full day of activites on Tuesdays for adults with intellectual disabilities. From 10.30 to 12.30 there is Connect through Cookery and from 2 to 4pm Connect through Drama.

For more info contact Laura


Our hub at the parish of St Michael and St Martin in Hounslow offers a full day of activites on Thursdays for adults with intellectual disabilities. From 10.30 to 12.30 there is Connect through Art and from 2 to 3pm Connect through Dance Class and from 3 to 4pm Dance for all.

For more info contact Laura

Caritas St Joseph’s Outreach

Our outreach work aims to integrate people with intellectual disabilities into the life of the church. We provide training, support and advice on liturgies, and help with spiritual and social events.

We also offer general support and advice for those with learning disabilities and their families/carers from advice about education to accessing benefits.

Programmes and Activities:

Family Groups allow parents and carers of people with learning disabilities to come together for mutual support. They currently run in Watford, and Hendon.

Watford Family Group

This group is for parents and carers of those with learning disabilities. 

Contact Veronika Dyckhoff : 07504104569

Hendon Family Forum at St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre

Meets at least every two months to discuss current issues surrounding learning disability.
We normally have a guest speaker who leads the session. Open to all those interested in supporting those with learning disabilities and their families and carers.

Please contact for further details,

Saturday Clubs are inclusive spaces for people with intellectual disabilities, their families and friends. 

Below you can finding information on Saturday Clubs currently running in the Diocese of Westminster. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Paul Christian at

East London

A Saturday Club runs at Kingsland parish on the first Saturday of each month 3pm-5pm. 

Our Lady & St Joseph’s Catholic Church 
100A Balls Pond Road
N1 4AG

North London

There are Saturday Clubs in the parishes of New Southgate and Palmer’s Green. These normally run on the third or last Saturday of the month. 

The Allotment Club also meets monthly to learn gardening skills and to grow their own produce. 

Please contact Paul Christian for current dates and times

North West London

There is a Saturday Club in the parish of Burnt Oak on the last Saturday of the month, 2pm-4pm

Annunciation Church Hall,
4 Thirleby Road,
Burnt Oak,
Contact: Sue Masterson – 07855 038072

Outer West London

There is a Club running in the parish of Ealing Abbey currently online with in-person special events and liturgies for Advent and Lent. It takes place on the last Tuesday of the month, 7pm-8pm       

Contact: Phil Codrington

Symbols of Faith by Diana Klein is a resource for the faith formation and sacramental preparation of people with intellectual disabilities.

This book is aimed at parents, priests and catechists who wish to understand how to pass their faith on to individuals with intellectual difficulties, and how to help them to develop a relationship with God. 

Catechists using the Symbols of Faith programme use a variety of resources to support those with learning disabilities. Music is used throughout the sessions, as is art, craft and making food. For example, a group at Westminster Cathedral, preparing for their First Holy Communion re-enacted the Feeding of the 5,000. They each helped prepare a different part of the meal and then shared their food together.

When preparing to make their First Reconciliation another group used symbols of things they might have done wrong but also, with symbols, emphasised the positive things that they had achieved during the past week. 

Each session ends with visiting the Special Place, where there is an icon or Prayer focus where a short passage of scripture is read and a concise message given and shared.

We regularly hold training sessions for anyone – priests, catechists, parents – interested in using Symbols of Faith and supporting young people with intellectual disabilities to grow in their faith. Check our events page to see if there is a training course coming up, or email Paul Christian at

Each copy is £15.95, which includes a CD with unlimited activity sheets and other resources. 

To order your copy, please email Paul Christian at or Finola Ryan at

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