Imagining Futures is a new project for primary schools to celebrate Caritas Westminster’s tenth anniversary. This two-part project encourages students to have a positive, hopeful view of the future through collective imaginings, the creative arts, and social action.

Part 1: Imagining a Future gives students a space to exercise their collective imaginations and envision a hopeful view of their local community in ten years’ time. The students will express that vision through the creative arts, whether that be traditional artwork, sculpture, poetry, prose, playwriting, or any other medium that they and their teacher sees fit.

Part 2: Hope for the Here and Now allows students to take small, meaningful, impactful steps towards the vision they created in Part 1 by planning and enacting a social action project in their local community. In seeing the impact they can have, students will learn that the vision they imagined is not only possible but one they can (and should) have a hand in working towards. 

Created to enhance the Catholic life of the schools that take part, expand the students’ understanding of Catholic Social Teaching, and connect schools to their local communities, the Imagining Futures project will start in September 2022. 

Take a look at our powerpoint presentation to find out more: (downloads as pptx file)

For more information, contact your Development Worker or email:

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