Across the diocese there are over 50 projects run or supported by Catholic Parishes aiming to support people who are homeless with their basic needs and with long-term to help them move on. These range from individual parish priests supporting people who knock on the presbytery door, through drop-in centres, to the large organisations such as Hope for Southall Street Homeless, Feed up Warm Up, and Glass Door.

In thinking about those experiencing homelessness, our thoughts automatically go to those sleeping rough on our streets.  We often forget those who are ‘hidden homeless’; people who are Sofa Surfing with friends and families, those in Temporary Accommodation (B&B or private nightly lets), sleeping in their vehicles or in frightening communal hostels, refuges and shelters.  People in our own community.  People who are close enough for us to help.

This document, “Many Rooms”, helping churches to respond to homeless people in their community, was produced by our partner organisation, Housing Justice.

We have also produced this list of ideas of how to support people living in temporary accommodation in your community.

If you are involved in a project supporting homeless people, and want to share ideas, hardships and learnings, and to promote campaigns addressing homelessness, or if you want to get more involved, please contact us: email .  

The image above is from The Centre for Homelessness Impact

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