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Since 2017, Caritas Westminster has worked with Notre Dame University in Indiana, US, through their London Global Gateway which sees students from the university spend a semester studying abroad at their central London campus. Alongside their academic studies, the programme allows the students to spend part of each week gaining professional experience in the workplace. 

Over the years we have hosted many interns from Notre Dame all bringing different skills and knowledge to the work we do, as well as acquiring new ones whilst they are with us. This partnership has proved successful both for the work of Caritas and for the students, who are able to draw on the lessons and skills learnt working with us when they return home. 

Our five current interns have told us what prompted them to work with us and what they are hoping to achieve:

Olivia Anderson

Studying: Political Science, Peace Studies, Gender Studies

Why did you choose to intern at Caritas Westminster? 

Social justice work has been a cornerstone in my life for as long as I can remember and I wanted to continue that in the coming months. I wanted to make sure that I was making positive change during my semester abroad. Caritas Westminster’s commitment to peace, justice, and empowering marginalized communities throughout London immediately drew me in. This organization’s emphasis on the dignity of every person makes it extremely effective in social action. I wanted to do whatever I can to help in empowering those affected by Caritas’ wonderful work.

What are you hoping to achieve whilst interning at Caritas Westminster? 

Overall, I want to be as much help to Caritas Westminster’s mission as I can. I’m excited to learn more about the daily inner workings of an effective charity – especially about the communications needed to keep the organization successful. I hope to further develop my own communications skills, both during my time at Caritas Westminster and any future work. Additionally, I am looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone with work at the several Caritas Westminster programs. Caritas has a number of services and I hope to be able to be a part of as many as possible.

Brendan Fahey 

Studying: Business Analytics

Why did you choose to intern at Caritas Westminster? 

I wanted to find a way to channel my data analysis skills that I’ve learned in class towards something good. Often, those working in business and studying it can be blinded by the allure of profits while not considering how their decisions might impact real people. I hope that in working for Caritas Westminster and helping them advance their mission, I can do work that genuinely helps people. This experience will help me experience the parts of London that most tourists do not get to see during my short time studying abroad.

What are you hoping to achieve whilst interning at Caritas Westminster?

I hope to feel like I’ve made a difference in the lives of the people that the charity serves. Whether that be big picture things like making the website more accessible to all who need it, or more direct involvement like visiting and volunteering at Caritas St. Joseph’s, I hope I can make at least someone’s day a little easier. I hope to really understand the social problems that London faces and understand how they might be addressed to get a full experience of the city.

Monica Latek

Studying: Business Analytics with minors in Real Estate and Business Technology

Why did you choose to intern at Caritas Westminster? 

I admire their mission and impact. As a Catholic, I desire to use my education as a force for good. I want to work with people who have a positive impact on my lifestyle, while bringing change for those in need. Being abroad this semester, I saw Caritas as a wonderful opportunity to pursue my interests and goals both academically and personally.

What are you hoping to achieve whilst interning at Caritas Westminster? 

I am very interested in data and analytics. I’ve had some opportunity to work with data before, but I am excited develop my skills in a way that could serve society. Alongside experimenting with new data and Salesforce [relationship management tool], I am also looking forward to contributing more directly to the Caritas Westminster mission and impact through service. I hope that this opportunity will enhance my abroad experience and bring new perspective and context to what I intend to pursue in the future.

Lindsay Barrow

Studying: Neuroscience and Behaviour with a minor in Poverty Studies 

Why did you choose to intern at Caritas Westminster? 

Caritas Westminster’s mission is to uphold the dignity of all persons. I choose Caritas because of their wide scope with five priority areas to achieve this mission: food security, shelter, dignified work, financial resilience, and social inclusion and belonging. As a pre-health student, Caritas offers me the opportunity to learn about social determinants of health (SDOH): the non-medical factors that have tremendous influence on health outcomes. I am excited for the opportunity to work in the priority areas of food security and shelter.   

What are you hoping to achieve whilst interning at Caritas Westminster? 

I hope to contribute to their important mission of human dignity, most specifically through the lens of health initiatives. Upholding the dignity of the human person includes creating a healthy environment that allows individuals to thrive. Food security, extending to vitamin rich foods, allows a student to focus in school, while also preventing heart disease. Health is intricately tied with human dignity, and I am excited to work towards improving health outcomes. I would love to do research to more clearly outline the key link between health and dignity. 

Mary Cate Fitzgerald

Studying: Psychology major with minors in digital marketing and business economics 

Why did you choose to intern at Caritas Westminster? 

I felt called to their goal of making minority groups of society feel acknowledged, welcomed, and loved. I am passionate about volunteering and wanted to continue serving minority communities abroad. I was drawn to working with a Catholic non-profit organization because I can incorporate my religious background and unique skill set to hopefully make a lasting impact on the community. Further, I was excited to work in a setting with individuals that share similar passions and interests as myself.

What are you hoping to achieve whilst interning at Caritas Westminster? 

I hope to develop my professional skills within a workplace whether that be through data entry and analysis, social media creations, or communications. I am excited to explore the many different aspects that go into the development and progression of an international non-profit organization. I look forward to developing a new understanding and appreciation for a culture and society that differs from that in America.


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