A Message of Hope for Anti-Slavery Day


Sunday 18th October 2020 is Anti-Slavery Day in the UK. House Manager of Caritas Bakhita House, Karen Anstiss has a message of hope as she explains how the women support each other to move on from their trauma.

At Caritas Bakhita House we come from all around the World. Today we are aged 5 months to 62 years.

We are together because before coming here we each lived a life of exploitation and isolation. Controlled by others and too frightened to gain our own freedom. We are a family like no other, many different types of traumatic experiences bringing us together.

There are so many mixed messages out there at the moment. But here is ours from Caritas Bakhita House:

“When the worst possible events are taking place, stay strong, stay together and support each other especially when one day is harder than another.

We came here and found a new path to follow one which leads to independency, without control and fear. That path still lies ahead for us, we just need to look after each other now. This will make us stronger, we want that future for all of you and for all of us.

Try not to be frightened, look towards the better times ahead. Give thanks for all the amazing people across the World who are working to make this better, remember those you love, respect and those who already make a difference in the World.

We come from many faiths and none, but together we know and believe we can get all get through this. And be together again when the time is right.

We always work on the following principles, love, respect, community and spirituality, there is no better time for these to be upheld. 

Stay strong, stay together (in person or in heart) and lelieve in a better future.”

Guests from Bakhita House visiting an art gallery in 2019



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