The Joy of Easter


As we approach Easter, Gail Williams, Centre Manager at Caritas St Joseph’s, offers a reflection on the importance of not only giving something up during Lent, but also giving back.

Easter is one of the most important seasons in our liturgical calendar. Jesus died to save us on the “bed of love” that was the Cross.

This sacrifice defines our faith and we understand how to live and how to love, fully and without barriers and boundaries. We remember that we are made in the image of God, this is what makes us holy.

Lent is a penitential season where traditionally we give up something ourselves in order to give to others. Many people contribute to charities in the form of the money that they have saved. Others choose to help people and to reach out to those who are on the margins.

The latter is what two of our Catholic schools chose to do for the students and staff at Caritas St Joseph’s. Finchley Catholic High year 7 pupils and Cardinal Wiseman year 10 pupils collected Easter eggs for all our students and staff as part of their Lenten giving.

The students from Finchley Catholic High came in the afternoon after lunch and took the Easter eggs to all the classes to present the students with them.

The students from Cardinal Wiseman came to us for half a day and presented the eggs, during the course of the morning the Year 10 pupils supported our students in Horticulture. They transplanted seedlings from trays into pots and once these are brought on they will flower annually in our grounds and can be used as part of the arrangements in our Floristry Enterprise class.

All of the students thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and completely embodied the spirit of giving in love.

Their example will inspire those who they meet embracing the spirit of Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti.

Our love for others, for who they are, moves us to seek the best for their lives. Only by cultivating this way of relating to one another will we make possible a social friendship that excludes no one and a fraternity that is open to all.”                                                                                                                       

We are extremely grateful to all who contributed to the Easter egg collection, our students were overjoyed to receive such wonderful gifts.

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