6 Ways to Take Part in World Day for the Poor


For the first World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis has asked us to create moments of encounter.

As this is the first time it has happened, here are six easy steps you can follow this World Day of the Poor

1- Talk to a homeless person. Pope Francis has not asked us to solve poverty in our area. He asks that we see the humanity in others. If you do not feel comfortable approaching a homeless person, try talking to the person next to you in the supermarket queue. All relationships formed with honesty bring us closer to God.  

2- See if anything is happening in your area on our website. On the Caritas website we have a social action map, which shows you everything you need to know about the project happening in your area! If you want to get involved with one of them, brilliant! If you are not ready yet to commit to a project, then we recommend thinking about the problem in your area, and how could the Church address them?

3- Look at volunteering near you. We want to make volunteering as easy as possible, because we believe that everyone has God given talents that can be used for the common good. Even if you just have an hour a week to give to others, sign up for our volunteering site and see what you can contribute.

4- Join the SVP packing Vinnie Packs containing a hat, gloves, socks, toiletries etc on Sunday 19th November between 11am and 4pm. Come along to the former St John Fisher School, Thirlmere Avenue, Perivale UB6 8EF. Come for only half an hour or the whole day, it’s up to you.

5- Donate toiletries to Borehamwood foodbank. The parishes of Borehamwood are holding a ‘toiletries drive’ on World Day of the Poor. If you do not live near Borehamwood, consider donating to your local food bank instead.

6- Pray for those who cannot be reached. People truly on the margins of global society, like refugees and those trapped in slavery. We cannot reach out to hem today, but we can pray that they may continue to find the way forward towards safety and happiness.



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