Caritas Westminster Responds to Nationality and Borders Bill


Caritas Westminster has released a statement in response to the Nationality and Borders Bill which is currently going through parliament.

We are urging people to contact their MPs about the Nationality and Borders Bill, because it will result in further hardship for refugees seeking asylum, discriminating against those who have had no choice but to take dangerous “illegal” routes to our shores. 

It treats people who have been forced to flee their home, as a problem to be solved, rather than as a product of an unjust global situation. Its aim is national self-preservation and self-interest, rather than compassion and care for humanity. 

Bishop Paul, Chair of Caritas Westminster and lead Bishop for Migrants and refugees said: “Catholic Social Teaching states that each person must be treated with equal care, equal compassion and equal dignity, all are made in the image of God. They are all refugees, all fleeing for whatever reason.”

Read the full response here.



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