Catholic Deaf Awareness Week 2022 – Reminiscing on Avignon


This is our last look back at previous pilgrimages with the Deaf Community, but I am starting by digressing.  Tomorrow, Saturday 21st May, is the annual Catholic Deaf Association pilgrimage to Walsingham.  Many people we know this year will not be able to join the actual pilgrimage for a variety of reasons.  Maybe if you are reading this and have not ever seen a signed Mass this could be your opportunity as the Mass from the Shrine will be live streamed on Church Services TV.  Mass is at 3p.m. and can be viewed on   Of course if you are in the area or feel like a trip to Walsingham then please do come and join us.  More details of the day can be found on the CDA website:  And now back to Avignon …..

Avignon is definitely a windy city!  As we ventured onto the Pont d’Avignon “La Mistral” was definitely blowing.  The trip included so much more than just the wind!  We visited the Palais du Papes, the studio of the artist Paul Cezanne and Lourmarin, the birthplace of the author Albert Camus.  After seeing the remains of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape we had an afternoon of the most appropriate pastime – wine tasting!  An evening spent enjoying the light show in the grounds of the Palais du Papes was amazing; it was like falling into a story book.  Happy memories!

And if you are going on a pilgrimage in the next few weeks or months, be it near or far, please pray for the Deaf Community and those that support them, especially the priests who have taken the time to learn sign language.  Thank you.

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