Community Sponsorship Evening


‘We are not experts in refugee resettlement, but we are experts in our communities’

-Nick Coke

Thank you for coming to our event on community sponsorship. It was inspiring to see so many people from around London wanting to know more about hosting a refugee family.

We hope from this event, you gained a better understanding of what it means to sponsor a refugee family, and you are ready to start thinking about the next steps. Caritas Westminster and Sponsor Refugees are here to help with every step of the process.

Our speakers were:

John Coleby, Caritas Westminster:,

Bekele Woyecha, Citizens UK

Eva Jonsson, Citizens UK/ Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees

Nick Coke, Salvation Army

Emily Coles, Salvation Army

For more information on how Citizens UK/Sponsor Refugees, Caritas Westminster and the Salvation Army can help, please visit their websites or email our speakers. All of the organisations involved with this event have experience in the sponsorship process and well as local connections.

Here is a list of useful links and resources:

Caritas Westminster:

Sponsor Refugees:


Home Office:

Home Office:


Enfield Refugees Welcome:

Caritas Westminster also has development workers around London, who are extremely knowledgeable about their local area, and what else is going on to welcome refugees and migrants. To find one nearest to you, visit our Who’s Who.



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