Hunger in London & Hertfordshire – A Response by Caritas Westminster


Food Banks have become an ever-expanding part of the urgent need in the UK to provide food for families, children and individuals who live with food poverty or food insecurity. The causes of food poverty and insecurity are numerous and affect even those who have a household member in work.

The Caritas Food Resilience Project is responding to this current situation through a three-year project  in  the boroughs north of the River Thames and in Hertfordshire in 2019,  combining direct food relief – commencing with school holiday meals –  and an advocacy and education campaign to address the causes of food poverty.

The distinct focus for this project is to assist people to move beyond the need to access food relief and move towards food resilience. When we talk of food resilience in the UK context, we mean that families and individuals have the food skills, knowledge and resources to withstand financial and other shocks and stresses that could lead to a lack of access to sufficient food.

Our aim is to move from food relief into developing Food Resilience Centres.

We are looking for volunteers to help us deliver this programme and also for donations of food.

For more information contact Anna Gavurin




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