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My Story

After sustaining a spinal cord injury at the age of 21 that left me a tetraplegic, one year in hospital and the next seven years of my 20s living in a nursing home, one film reminded me it’s all about living life! This is my first step.

In all honesty, I watched ‘The Way’ and thought it would be nice to do some day. I showed my trainer and started using it as a goal. Unfortunately, there have been obstacles along the road and I genuinely believed it would never happen until one day a few months back, I thought, just go for it.

The past 10 years have been challenging. Not only because of the injury and the impact it had on both myself and my family and having to live in a nursing home but also due to the neglect and ‘abuse’ I’ve suffered from those charged with caring for me. The camino, I believe will give me the opportunity to put everything I’ve seen and experienced into perspective. An opportunity for me to understand God’s plan for me and my purpose in life. Plus, that desire I always had to lead a meaningful life in the service of others , which has never been extinguished, this is my first step on that path – to help those who are vulnerable and neglected and also to live life and remind everyone that there is no such thing as limitations.

Why Caritas Bakhita House?

Jas with Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Well, honestly, His Eminence Cardinal Nichols. The Cardinal has been a great support these past years. Once I decided to do the Camino, I talked to some people, all of whom pointed out that per their knowledge, this would be one of the first attempts by someone in a wheelchair pushing themselves. So I thought I’d make it more meaningful and memorable by doing it to raise money for charity. I then asked Cardinal Nichols which charity was dear to his heart and that’s how I settled on Caritas Bakhita House. In addition, my own background in pro bono law made it clear this was a deserving cause and one which I could get my firm to sponsor. 

To donate towards Jasdeep’s journey along the Camino, please click here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jas-brar


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