Pentecost Party to Combat Loneliness


On 25th May, St Raphael’s Primary School in Yeading held a Pentecost party, inviting ‘elderly relatives and neighbours from our local community’

Guests we welcomed in at 1:30pm, where they were met by pupil guides to take them through the hall, where tea and cake were being served. After that, the guests were invited out to a seating area which had been set up the playground.

The pupils took this opportunity sit down with their grandparents and parishioners and talk. Throughout the course of the afternoon, children shared the joy of Pentecost with their guest but showing them the work they had been doing in their RE lessons.

The afternoon was a great success, with the schoolchildren having a greater understanding of how important Pentecost is in the church and also the importance of reaching out to their neighbours, especially if they may be lonely. It also gave grandparents and elderly parishioners to share their faith with young people, and each other.



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