Rooted in Love is a Religious Education resource for primary schools, developed in partnership with the Diocese of Westminster Education Service and funded by the ALF grant. It addresses the objectives relating to Catholic Social Teaching from the new Religious Education Directory, including prayer and liturgy ideas around each theme, as well as suggestions for bringing this work to life in the Catholic life and mission of the school. Rooted in Love is split into 6 themes, one for each half term. If you’re interested sign up below!

What you’ll get per theme

  • Assembly
  • 3 lessons (KS1, LKS2, UKS2)
  • 3 lesson plans
  • Teacher notes
  • Interactive activities

Why this resource?

  • Covers the CST requirements of the new RED
  • Free
  • Plug and Play
  • Specific designs for KS1, LKS2 and UKS2

This is our symbol: The heart representing Love rooted in the Word of God, for that is where we find the life that animates all we do to serve others. We hope this symbol will come to mean something for the pupils, that every time they see this they will come back to the principles of CST and remember why we do what we do.

We highly encourage using this symbol as stickers, posters, on PowerPoint slides etc every time a CST theme appears either in a lesson, on a display board or an assembly.

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Rooted in Love includes teachers notes as well as very practical resources that can be used in the various aspects of school life. The resources can be used in any way that suits the context of your school; however, we suggest that each half term is dedicated to a CST theme which can permeate the life of the school. The 6 CST themes we focus on are Care for Creation, Preferential Option for the Poor, Solidarity and Peace, Community and Participation, Dignity of workers, and Dignity.

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