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UPDATE: The applications are now closed but you can register your interest for one of our future programmes here: REGISTER INTEREST.

Less than two weeks to application deadline for the Seeds Hub Accelerator programme. The support is designed for social impact start-ups in London that need a space for collaboration and growth and will include free weekly workshops, one-to-one mentoring support and a physical office space for the 3-month duration of the programme.

The weekly workshops will start on April 27, will end in July and will cover the following topics:

Design your life with Daryl Harper

Business Model Canvas with Elsa Caleb

Legal Entity

Funding with Marika Mason

Building Financial Resilience with Daryl Harper

Branding with Scott Hardy

Digital Marketing with Alasdair Inglis

Social Media Scott Hardy

Pitching with Elsa Caleb

Sales & Customer Acquisition with Gus Nyberg

Building Partnerships, Networking & Customer Service with Elsa Caleb

Some of the participants who were part the Seeds Hub programmes shared their learnings and the impact the network they created had on their advancement:

Dalian Adofo, founder of Ghana Fresh:

‘The timing of my introduction to Seeds Hub and all that I received on the Programme, – was key in enabling Ghana Fresh to streamline operation to meet growing demand. The programme offers a versatile framework covering the essential aspects of running a business such as finance, marketing and pitching and has positively transformed my business operations, particularly the introduction to the Business Canvas Model toolkit. It has helped widen our customer base and our monthly sales increased by over 30% as we identified new markets and partnerships of value. The free access to hot desk spaces and to a community of learning at Seeds means that entrepreneurs and business owners can share ideas and learn from each other. This is priceless!’    

Shabari Das, founder of World Vegan Market:

‘The 12-week programme gave me the tools and resources to work out what needed to be done. The mentoring was the push I needed to take action. I decided to officially launch my business and booked my first in-person event at a local fair to sell eco-vegan products. Through the weekly sessions I considerably improved my pitching skills for funding, something very new to me when I started the programme.’ 

Sophie Aquijo, Founder of Stars and Twinkle: 

‘The budgeting and finance module changed my life! It’s something I’ve been implementing every single day of my life since I learned it at Seeds Hub. I understood the importance of putting a system in place to keep track of projects. My list of gigs and clients suddenly became easier to manage and I was able to predict peak times and to use my days better. After the Accelerator programme at Seeds, my monthly income doubled, and I started to have a few returning customers that made a significant difference.’ 

Patricia Wharton, Chalkhill Community Radio:  

‘I was referred to Seids Business Hub in 2019 by Brent Council Seids Business Hub has been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey. The hot desk space allowed me to work alongside like-minded individuals, which was a great source of inspiration and motivation. Additionally, the business workshops on marketing, social media, finances, and funding helped me develop the skills necessary to succeed in my field. The affordable spaces for hire also provided a great opportunity to host events, such as my Domestic Abuse event. I’m now doing exceptionally well as an assistant manager for the Chalkhill Community Radio Station where I host the Let’s Talk Show. My online TV Talk show Patricia Talks is also a great way to reach a wider audience and share my insights with others. I’m often called upon to host events, given my experience and expertise.’ 

Elsie Ocran, founder of Gyamfua Glow:

‘Seeds Hub contributed first and foremost to my level of confidence. I met other women founders and understood that I can go on this path too. The peer-to-peer support was fantastic! One of my colleagues became my client, another became my accountant. Looking back, I now see that this collaboration was critical. A Seeds Hub team member used my business for a university assignment, and this brought up reflection, new ideas and reiteration on my products. It’s where I learned about setting up a website which I did – this pushed me to stop imagining and start selling.’

The 2024 Accelerator is now ready to receive new applications; it’s free and targeted at business owners residing in London. The submissions will be assessed on a constant basis until the deadline, 19th of April 2024. The initial application form takes minutes to complete: APPLY HERE.

Seeds Hub is part of Caritas Westminster, the social action agency of the Diocese of Westminster. We support communities that face social and economic inequalities by assisting people starting businesses with a positive impact.

UPDATE: The applications are now closed but you can register your interest for one of our future programmes here: REGISTER INTEREST.

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